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Books and Series - Hispania

Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century

Present and Future

Hosffman Ospino

General Information
: 978-1-934996-16-4
: 21,8 cm x 15,3 cm
Soft Cover
List Price
: US$ 22.99
: 450
Publication Date
: October, 2010
Language of Publication
: English / Spanish (bilingual)
: Hispania
: Theology
: Hispanic Culture, Hispanic Ministry, U.S. Contemporary Catholicism, Pastoral Theology, Cultural Diversity, Latinos in the U.S., Popular Religion.



The Hispanic presence in the Church in the United States is profoundly reshaping the direction and character of Catholicism in this country. Nearly half the Catholic population is Hispanic and it is estimated that by 2050 Latinos/as will constitute the vast majority of U.S. Catholics. Hispanic Catholics as a group bring abundant gifts to the Church in the United States yet together face many challenges. As the century unfolds, the achievements and struggles of Hispanic Catholics will be undoubtedly perceived as those of the whole Church in the U.S.
Hosffman Ospino brings an edited collection of essays written by leading voices in the field of ministry and theology that explore the present and future of Catholic Hispanic ministry. The essays were crafted as study documents for a national symposium on this topic and were edited for further reflection in ministerial and academic contexts. This book offers an important contribution to understand the future character of Catholicism in the U.S.
“If you can read only one book on pastoral leadership in the Catholic community this year, let it be Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century. Neither Hispanic, nor pastoral leader? Before you pick up another text, you should know that this book is a brilliant articulation of challenges facing the entire Catholic community—and offers nuanced, pragmatic and deeply theological responses. Just as a poem describes a specific experience in very particular terms that evoke universal resonance, this book is a poem addressed to all of us in the Catholic community.

— Mary E. Hess, PhD, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary


"Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century is important from three points of view. First of all, it is a reflection of the seriousness with which the Roman communion takes Hispanic ministry in the United States. Sixty-two scholar-specialists in Roman Catholic Hispanic ministry were brought to Boston in 2009 precisely to give summary and project vision for future ministry. It is important to note that their efforts were underwritten by a collaboration of Roman Catholic universities, study centers, religious publishers, and diocesan religious leaders. The actual book is a reproduction of the major presentations by eight men and women, who in turn were speaking out of committee reflections of the larger group. Secondly, it is important because the entire literary work is presented in both Spanish and English. In this respect it reflects a recurrent theme by many authors that Hispanic ministry belongs to the whole church in an increasingly multilingual and multicultural context and not to select ethnic specific interest groups. Their reflections are here for all to see. Finally, the work is important because its content is sufficiently rich in historic, analytic, and statistical data, that it moves strategic reflection away from missiological good intentions with an accompanying “wish and a prayer” into actual real time questions that must be debated and answered on the basis of the best studies, manpower, and resources available".

— Concordia Journal, August 2012

“This bilingual volume is quite thorough in its treatment of the history, challenges, and future of Hispanic ministry in the United States. Such important issues as engaging youth and young adults, socio-economic realities, discrimination, the missionary status of the Catholic Church, and social compassion for the poor and alienated are examined with great care and research. For anyone involved in ministerial leadership and education, this resource presents a fine dialogue for ministers and the faithful”.
Arthur Quinn, St. Vincent De Paul Regional Seminary
"Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century provides a thoughtful exploration of the history and present of Hispanic ministry in the Roman Catholic Church.  The seven authors are immersed both in their theological disciplines and in the practical ministry of Hispanic churches.  Topics include evangelization, faith formation, youth ministry, and social justice.  In the chapter on liturgy and spirituality, Raúl Gómez-Ruíz calls for clergy and laity to work together to integrate official liturgy and popular religious traditions in order to deepen both worship and daily Christian living.
In a time when Hispanic population is growing rapidly in the United States, in the Catholic church, and numerous Protestant and Pentecostal churches, Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century is important reading for all who seek to effectively embrace emerging opportunities for ministry".
— Ruth Duck, Professor of Worship, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary 


The double title of this book in English and Spanish deliberately states its format and content. The same content is pre­sented in English in the first half of the book and in Spanish in the second half. This for­mat reveals both the underlying assumption of the book and the reality to which the different contributors respond. Today, doing effective and relevant Hispanic ministry is of central importance for the present and future of the Roman Catholic church in the United States (for which English is the dominant language) and for the full inclusion, growth, and vitality of Hispanic Catholics in this country (who constitute nearly 40% of all U.S. Catholics, and who speak mostly Spanish). Written by leading Hispanic Catholic leaders and theologians, each of the seven chapters of the book addresses an aspect of Hispanic ministry by pointing out the challenges and needs of Hispanic Catholics inside and outside the U.S. Catholic church as well as the gifts they bring to church and society. In addition to common themes of discourse among Catholic theo­logical circles (e.g., social justice, Hispanic ecclesiology, and institutional inclusion ver­sus incorporation), the book gives attention to other equally important aspects of Hispanic ministry, such as liturgy and spirituality, youth and adult ministry, and leadership for­mation. The book closes with an appendix by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, for whom the main challenges of Hispanic people are “the aggressive secular culture in the U.S. and the realities of material and spiritual poverty among our people” and for whom “the proc­lamation of Jesus Christ must be the criterion against which we measure everything we do in Hispanic ministry” (p. 208). For readers outside the Catholic tradition, this book offers an excellent panorama of the struggles of Hispanic people in the U.S. Most importantly, it describes the crucial issues that have to be dealt with by any church organiza­tion that is being impacted by and wants to be responsive to the presence of different racial/ ethnic groups. Although suggestive more than comprehensive, the categories of analysis of the reality of Hispanic youth could help any church or denomination that feels called to minister to this significant and yet underserved sector of the Latino/a population. The discus­sion about leadership training and about the need of a more inclusive theological reflection of ministerial training will be equally helpful to theological institutions and denominations concerned with a more relevant and culturally sensitive theological education of both white and nonwhite church leaders. For those in the U.S. who are truly concerned with the present and future of the church at large, this book defi­nitely sets an unavoidable agenda for reflection and action.

— Fernando A. Cascante, Interpretation 66-3 (July 2012). Association of Hispanic Theological Education.


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