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Books and Series - Episteme

Morality in Social Life

Sergio Bastianel

General Information
: 978-1-934996-14-0
: 21.8 cm x 15.3 cm
Soft Cover
List Price
: US$ 32.99
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: US$ 26.39
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: 360
Publication Date
: May, 2010
Language of Publication
: English
: Episteme
: Philosophy
: Morality, social issues, economy, politics, liberty, social justice, structural sin, acceptance, reconciliation, brotherhood, person, moral acts.



Bastianel views moral personal life as more than a private and individual reality. Indeed, one’s relationship with the “other” is basic to the moral experience, and it constitutes part of the inner unity of a free and conscious responsible person. Human beings live out their relationships within the historic concreteness of life in commonality with others. In this relational interaction each person makes use of his/her liberty in seeking a useful understanding of that which is good and that which is bad. The historical expression of that which is morally wrong takes the form of scattered and dividing relationships with the intention of possession, domination, fighting and division. On the other hand, history shows us that the human quality of relationships effecting that which is good is expressed through acceptance and the capability of creating shared forms of life.

The Christian interpretation of history, with its goal of community, asks in each situation about the human quality of relationships and the structures of social life. This book addresses the interconnections between personal morals and social justice, raising fundamental questions about political life and economics, about hunger and development, about common good and institutions. Such is the reflection to which these pages summon us.


“Morality in Social Life is a valuable work on the centrality of relationships, story, and virtue to morality in the social sphere.Those who are quick to advocate for public policies based on theological principles will be disappointed in this work, but they would do well to remember Bastianel’s central thesis: ...God communicates himself in the man of Nazareth, in his gestures, words, his human way of living out relationships on this earth, in his living and dying, in his remaining present through the gift of the Spirit”.
National Catholic Reporter, Arlene Helderman Montevecchio, Director for Social Concerns, Gannon University.

Sergio Bastianel s.j., born in 1944, is currently Ordinary professor of moral theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and also serves as its academic Vice-rector. He spent his early years teaching and lecturing at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of San Luigi in Naples, Italy, and in later years he served as Dean of the Theological Faculty of the Pontifical Gregorian University. Among his publications are: “Il carattere specifico della morale cristiana”, Citadella, Assisi 1975; “Autonomia morale del credente”, Morcelliana, Brescia 1980; “La preghiera nella vita morale”, Piemme, Casale Monferrato 1995 (translated into English: “Prayer in Christian Moral Life”, St. Paul Publications, Slough, England 1988); “Figure di preghiera nella Bibbia”, adp, Roma 2005; “Vita morale nella fede in Gesù Cristo”, San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 2005; “Moralità personale nella storia”, pug, Roma 2005; “Le vie del bene” (in collaboration with Abignente D.); and “Il pozzo di Giacobbe”, Trapani 2009

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